For audiophiles, Bluetooth audio streaming efficacy has always been a drawback with headphones. There have been some interesting tweaks in the lossless audio space in the past year, now Qualcomm of all is presenting a solution for bettering the wireless music streaming in near CD-like quality. The solution being debuted by Qualcomm Sound technology is called aptX Lossless.

As the name itself suggests, the aptX Lossless is a technology that should allow lossless audio over Bluetooth. There is one prerequisite, the headphones or any other streaming device in question should be able to support it, else the tech will back adapt.

The impressive aptX Lossless, for the inquisitive, is an extension of aptX Adaptive (which currently is the ace in this space). What changes here is the constant monitoring of the environment to produce better quality and performance, thanks to the aptX Lossless’ ability to stream CD-like quality, 16-bit / 44.1kHz lossless audio over Bluetooth.

Reportedly the first real devices ready with aptX Lossless will debut toward the end of this year or early next year. But Qualcomm says the Snapdragon Sound should be able to detect lossless audio sources and stream music in much higher data rates.

The aptX Lossless shall stream at about 1Mbit/s rate but it would also be able to dive down to 140 Kbits/s if the audio file is not supportive of the technology. The new way of steaming wireless audio seems promising for whom it really matters, for you and me, maybe our music streaming is already at the best we’d want. What do you think?