Qualcomm, manufacturer of the Snapdragon chipset that powers so many smartphones, has released their Q3 2013 earnings. Officially, we find they are reporting $6.48 billion in revenue, a 33% increase over this time last year. That coincides almost directly with their rise in chipsets sold.

Qualcomm notes they shipped 190 million MSM chipsets in Q3 2013, and 716 million units total in 2013. That amounted to $60.2 billion is sales for the quarter, up 29% over this time last year, and up 21% overall. The average sale price for their units is right around $230, with the quarterly average slightly above the annual.

For fiscal 2013, Qualcomm has totaled $24.87 billion, a 30% increase year-over-year. Their operating income is $8.66 billion, and the net income is $7.91 billion for the year. The diluted earnings per share are $4.51, and their free cash flow totals $8.08 billion, up 55% year over year.

Overall, Qualcomm is up. Way up. They are seeing insane growth, and boast of being up 20% or more in almost every category, across the board, FY 2013 or Q3 2013. For a manufacturer that sees their chipsets in just about every phone available, this isn’t surprising. CEO Paul E. Jacobs said “Our technologies underpin the global growth of wireless data, and our semiconductor solutions are used across the industry’s flagship smartphones”. Considering they shipped 260 million 3G/4G devices last quarter, we’re inclined to agree.