When it comes to charging your smartphone, most of us prefer wireless charging rather than having to fiddle with wires. Popular smartphones on the market today don’t typically come from the factory with support for wireless charging baked in. That means that to shed those wires when it comes time to charge up your smartphone, you need some sort of accessory.

Owners of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone who want to add wireless charging capability to their device can now the case from a company called Ipan Ipan that supports Qi Wireless charging technology. The case is a flip style with a cover to help protect the screen when you’re on the go. The wireless charging receiver is hidden inside the flip case.

The manufacturer says that this was one of the more difficult wireless charging cases to design. The rugged and waterproof Xperia Z doesn’t have a removable back panel or battery. The manufacturer says that it was also unable to use the smartphones USB port.

In the end the company opted to use the two pin connectors on the bottom of the phone that are normally used when the docking station for the phone is attached. That will mean that you have to remove the phone from the case to use the docking attachment. The case is available alone for €39 and with the charging pad for €89.

[via SlashGear]