Samsung VR Qantas Airlines

Virtual reality may be in its early stages but just like the smartwatch and other wearables, a VR device like the Samsung Gear VR has a lot of potential. This year, Samsung wants to bring the wearable head gear to the consumers by launching a trial project with Qantas. The airline and the South Korean giant’s Australian division recently teamed up to offer a new in-flight entertainment service for the First Class passengers of Qantas Airlines.

Samsung Electronics Australia and Qantas is bringing three dimensional experience to passengers and customers in Melbourne and Sydney International First Lounges. Samsung Gear VR headsets will be provided for First Class passengers, as well as, in select Airbus A380 aircraft. Each device can take customers to a virtual world with one click of button. They can access information on tourist destinations, view the latest Qantas products, and watch blockbuster movies right on the headset.

Qantas is the first and only airline offering a virtual reality entertainment experience inflight. This is still a trial but we’re pretty sure other airlines will follow. Maybe not using a Samsung Gear VR but perhaps that Oculus Rift, another VR head gear from Oculus, the same company who manufactured the Gear VR.

Trial will last three months during which feedback from customers will be gathered and analyzed. Both Samsung and Qantas want to know the passengerss travel experience with a virtual reality headpiece. It’s a new thing but this will probably pave the way for a new world of a more fun and interesting inflight and lounge experience for airline passengers all over the world.Samsung VR Qantas

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Qantas