The debate as to how useful a tablet can be in the business world is ongoing, however it looks like Pwnie Express have set out to make the tablet a useful tool in terms of penetration testing. In fact, the company has recently unveiled the Pwn Pad, a 7-inch tablet that they describe as being a “commercial grade penetration testing tablet.” Aside from the 7-inch display, this tablet is running Android 4.2 and Ubuntu 12.04 and touting features to include a OSS-Based Pentester Toolkit and Long Range Wireless Packet Injection.

Needless to say, if those terms do not mean anything to you as they stand, this is probably not a tablet that you are going to be purchasing. In fact, the price tag alone will likely turn many away. Pwnie Express has the Pwn Pad priced at $795. Basically, the Pwn Pad is a tablet aimed at the professional.

Keep in mind, the tools included with the Pwn Pad are nothing that cannot be found or done with a penetration-testing setup on a laptop. The key here, using the tablet should be much easier, if not more convenient for those on the road or performing a company walk-through looking for issues. Not to mention, this somehow just looks quite a bit cooler. For that near $800 price tag you will get a complete toolkit in addition to the hardware accessories.


The hardware (aside from the tablet) includes a TP-Link TL-WN722N wireless adapter, Sena UD100 Bluetooth USB adapter, USB Ethernet and OTG (USB host mode) cable. The toolkit includes the expected goodies such as Aircrack-ng, Kismet, Wifite-2, Netcat, Cryptcat, Nikto, bluelog and many others. Bottom line here, if you are in the business of testing others networks (or like to do that for fun) and happen to have an extra $795 laying around, the Pwn Pad may be something to consider. With that, those making the purchase can expect the tablet to begin shipping in April.

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