Pushbullet for Android has received a new round of updates and avid users of the app will be glad that you can now select and push multiple files or photos at once. No need to send a photo one by one when you need to share something because the productivity app now allows selecting of multiple images to push easily and without the quality being compromised. Unlike other apps, Pushbullet will not resize your original photo. It will retain the original file as long as it’s not over 25MB.

If you follow certain Channels, you can push them from an Android app and see them in the ‘Following’ tab for easier viewing in the future, as well as, be able to show them on the Share screen as options. And since you use not just one but numerous instant messaging apps on your mobile device, you can now reply to Skype or Facebook Messenger notifications on your computer with Pushbullet.

When you see a ‘Reply’ button, click on it and you’re free to send a quick response. No need to open another app or pick up your phone because you can access everything right on Pushbullet. Other messaging apps supported include Viber, BBM, Telegram, GroupMe, Line, Hangouts, and Kik.

Last but not the least, the Pushbullet team added Browser Extensions and enhanced support for Opera, Safari, and Firefox. This means any of the web browser you use, you can be assured of secure access as made possible by the new end-to-end encryption. Updates are usually automatic for the browser extensions but Mozilla has yet to approve the change for Firefox so feel free to download the add-on from their official website.

Download Pushbullet from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Pushbullet