Pushbullet is set to do some changes in the next few days as account owners are believed to be receiving a special notice from the founder of the company. People receiving the email are those getting automated push activities from other 3rd-party software or program. It seems that Pushbullet is only contacting those who are receiving updates via the Pushbullet app.

According to Ryan Oldenburg, push activities from automated or scripted usage on Pushbullet are filling up the servers. They now account more than what humans usually send through the app. It should be good news for Pushbullet because it means a lot of people are using the app but unfortunately, these activities hold a huge amount of server costs. It’s a reality the team needs to face. Costs are increasing and they need to be practical about it.

To solve the problem, the dev tem is decreasing the automated push activity by blocking them from automated senders. Those non-Pro account holders may not receive some messages because Pushbullet will be limiting the activities beginning August 1. Those with Pushbullet Pro will not be affected.

Download Pushbullet from the Google Play Store and then upgrade to Pro so you won’t experience any future problem.

VIA: Reddit