Pushbullet, the popular push notification app, has pushed a pretty cool upgrade to their service. We’ll now see richer notifications in the Chrome or Firefox browsers, as well as real-time notification sync. For those who split their time evenly between mobile and the desktop, this is a really handy feature.

 The update pushes notifications to the Chrome Extension for Pushbullet, meaning your Pushbullet notifications now show up in both locations. This differs from the ability to push to Chrome, which was already part of the service, in one important way. This pertains to notifications, while the ability to push to Chrome had to do with sending files and links.

As the video below points out, anything that would show up as a notification on your Android phone now sends to your Chrome browser. At your desk with your phone tucked away? Pushbullet will let you know if someone called. It does the same with message, too, keeping you synced in real time without the need to check your phone.

The notifications aren’t actionable, so you won’t get the chance to respond to texts or return calls from the desktop, but it does a nifty job at doing what it’s meant to. Syncing your desktop and mobile is the aim for Pushbullet, whether that be a link you want to visit, or now notifications. It’s an app/extension we recommend for anyone who needs to be in the know, on the go.