Loyal Pushbullet fans have been clamoring for an Android Marshmallow update and good news, it’s finally here. The Pushbullet team has just released the updated app complete with support for Direct Share and Runtime Permissions among others. It’s now live on the Google Play Store so feel free to download the Pushbullet v17.0. You’ll notice that this Marshmallowed productivity app is now able to set and approve permissions as needed.

Runtime permissions is one of the major improvements on Android 6.0 and even Pushbullet is now taking advantage of it. No need to approve each permission on every update or before installation. You will only be asked for permission especially when you need to enable Notification Mirroring or SMS syncing.

The Pushbullet app is made more efficient and transparent according to the developer because of the runtime permissions. It will ask for a maximum of four permission groups like Contacts, Phone, SMS, an Store. Rest assured, Pushbullet will not read messages without the user’s permissions if you disabled the SMS sync feature.

Direct Share has been improved as well. On the Android Share menu, you can now see Share options for Pushbullet. Add your devices so pushing data will be faster. The Pushbullet devs have also started to look into the frequency of pushing data from a device to another. App will be enhanced to be smarter, remembering the user’s activities.

As with most app updates, several bugs and issues were fixed and performance improvements are noticeable. Notification actions are also now mirrored on this Marshmallow version.

Download Pushbullet from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Pushbullet