In an age where hacked accounts and leaked messages are a common occurrence, encryption support is all the more important, not because you have anything to hide (well, unless you do, but that’s your business) but because we all have a right to privacy. It’s also hard to trust software and apps that you know are vulnerable to such attacks and yet don’t offer encryption. Notification mirroring app Pushbullet wants you to trust them as they are now offering end-to-end encryption support for users and the messages sent to and from their devices.

So now, whether you use Pushbullet for notification mirroring, copy and paste functions or especially with SMS, you can be ensured that the company actually doesn’t see your messages. Only you and your receiving devices will be able to do so. Previously, they have used secure connections with https for Gmail and the likes. But that still meant that the data passing through their servers was visible to anyone there who would like to read it. But now, with end-to-end encryption, only you and your recipients will be able to read said messages.

You would need to set up this new feature in order for it to work. Go to the settings screen of the app in all your devices where you use Pushbullet, and go to the end-to-end encryption section. You would then need to enter a password to be able to derive the key that will encrypt your data. But don’t worry, even the password won’t be stored on their servers.

With the added end-to-end encryption, nothing will change in terms of the features that you enjoy with Pushbullet. For now, only Android v16.5.4+, Chrome v264+, and Windows desktop app v360+ is supported by E2E encryption but they will be adding more later on.

SOURCE: Pushbullet