Pushbullet has always been one of the top productivity apps in the mobile arena today. This program has been helping not just Android users but most mobile users around the world when it comes to making communication faster and more convenient. The main objective of this app is to push files, links, and messages from a smartphone to a desktop and vice versa.

Pushbullet simply mirrors notifications from a smartphone to a computer. With this app, you can freely respond to messages sent through instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp among others. It helps people save time by pushing links and files between devices and even faster on a computer than on a smartphone. It lets you stay connected to anyone by a more convenient messaging and communication. When it comes to notifications, you can easily dismiss them or finally take action. You can also subscribe to notifications by setting up Channels for items and events that are important to you.

The Pushbullet team has just introduced the Pro version that includes more features. The standard app is good enough but some features are now offered with a premium. Instead of showing numerous ads, Pushbullet decided to go the ‘Pro’ route so as not to disrupt a user’s app experience.

They’re not depending on ads within the app to make money. That’s great because, at least, the app experience isn’t compromised. It’s just that some features are limited now or locked for the free version. Pushbullet said some features on the free app now require upgrading to Pro so it’s up to you if you’re willing to pay the $4.99 monthly fee.

Some more Pro advantages include: more support and more features for more platforms, improved Universal copy & paste, enhanced SMS on the computer, better privacy and, always reliable end-to-end encryption.

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SOURCE: Pushbullet