If you’ve been with Android for a while, you will have heard of Pushbullet. At some point in time, you would have wanted to see if you can find some sort of integration between your phone and your desktop or laptop – like send SMS messages from your laptop when you’re working. Pushbullet gives you exactly that functionality, like with an iPhone and a Mac OS computer. Now the app is getting updated with better functionality.

First up is a better MMS system, sending a photo from your PC, through your phone (via MMS), and to the recipient. Usually, you would probably just get a link to the picture, but Pushbullet allows you to send it via traditional MMS messaging. That’s great improvement when you can send images directly from the comfort of your browser or laptop screen.


Next up, the developers improved the SMS function by making sure the messages you send from your desktop or laptop get to the recipients even with network problems. Usually, network issues will result in a failed sending. Now, Pushbullet will keep your message and send it as soon as it gets network connectivity again, no need to worry about failed messages.


If you want to try Pushbullet, check it out via the Google Play Store. It’s a pretty helpful app to have, especially if you spend a lot of time working on your computer.

SOURCE: Pushbullet