Straight from its launch at IFA 2014, we already have the notion that the new Moto X will be one of the darlings of people looking to upgrade their Android devices this holiday season. Most people will get it under contract, with the USD$99.99 price tag looking very nice indeed. But there are those who will want the unbranded, unlocked, direct-sale version straight from Motorola – that one will be called the Moto X Pure Edition.

Most Android fans will see this as a nod to devices having a “pure Android” experience – which usually means a UI that is not heavily tweaked (we’re looking at you, Samsung). Motorola’s Android version is tweaked, but less so than others – maybe a variable for picking the “pure” marketing name.

The Moto X is visibly a flagship level device with flagship level specs – including the Snapdragon 801 SoC that runs four cores at 2.5GHz. That is supported by 2GB of RAM running on the previously mentioned tweaked version of Android 4.4 KitKat. The screen is larger than its predecessor in a big way – with the new device sporting a 5.2-inch full HD screen. Users have the choice of 16GB or 32GB internal storage.


While the pricing under contract has a very nice affordable ring to it, those who want the Moto X Pure Edition will have to trump up USD$499 to get it direct from Motorola. I don’t know is its worth all that just to have a phone that says “Pure Edition” on it. And hey Motorola, what do you then call the ones under contract? Impure editions? (we kid.)

VIA: The Verge