If you’ve always wanted to someday do those ridiculous stunts that you see from your favorite bikers, you can now do so digitally and without hurting a single bone on your body (well, maybe your finger). Pumped BMX was a huge hit back in 2012 and now it’s back with an updated edition of the app called, of course, Pumped BMX 2, now available on Android.

The game is in collaboration with long time BMXer Adam Hunt and this shows with the gameplay involved in the app. There are 50 levels and 500 challenges that you can try, all the while trying to pull off the craziest stunts possible. But lest you think they’re just pulling these tricks up in the air so to speak, these are actually based on things you can do in real life. There are 16 legit tricks like kickouts, cliffhangers, etc, you can choose from and whether you can do it in real life or not, you’ll be able to do so in this virtual world.

There are 6 authentic rider styles you can choose from, as well as 10 bike colorways so that you can personalize a bit your bike as well as your costume. And if you don’t know anything about biking or controlling bikes from your smartphone or tablet, there’s an excellent tutorial included in the app. Competitive players can also see how they fare up against other users in a leaderboard, which also includes actual BMX pros.

The 3D game is based on actual physics, also from the actual experiences of Adam Hunt so this is really the closest you can come to doing actual bike stunts. You can download Pumped BMX 2 from the Google Play Store for only $2.99.