Google finally unveiled Android Wear 2.0 after months of speculation. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many apps available for your smartwatch that takes advantage of its features, but we will probably see a lot of them releasing compatible versions of their apps. Two that are already out the app door are Pulse SMS 2.0, an SMS replacement app, and Telegram, one of the more popular messaging apps for mobile devices. Hopefully, we’ll see even more apps adapting to the new platform so it should be worth it for users.

The Pulse SMS for Android Wear 2.0 works just like other versions of the app for tablet, Chrome app, or web app, and of course the original smartphone version. You can view all your messages and conversations and reply to the ones you want to reply to. You can also create group messages, if you want to talk to more than just one person. You can also use themes if you want to change it up. Oh and you even have an article viewer, if you have no choice but to read stuff on your watch. Klinker Apps said they’ll be adding more features soon.

Meanwhile, Telegram has also unleashed its Android Wear 2.0 version, which lets you browse through all of your chats. You can reply to whichever you want, with whatever you want: voice, text, emojis, or stickers. You can also see all your contacts within your Telegram app and create new groups. And of course, you can also change your themes, which will also be coming to the main Android app soon.

You can update or even download both of these apps through the Google Play Store on Android Wear. Obviously, your smartwatch needs to be updated to Android Wear 2.0 for them to be able to function properly.

SOURCES: Pulse SMS, Telegram