Pulse SMS Smart Replies

Pulse was first introduced by Klinker back in 2016 as a new SMS and Tablet Messenger app. An Android Wear 2.9 version of the program was released the following year. We haven’t heard anything about it since then but the latest information we got will make the instant messaging tool easier with the Smart Replies feature. Pulse SMS has a new beta version but it’s not available for the greater public yet. You can sign up though if you want to join the beta test phase.

The smart replies can be accessed in two ways: (1) Within a conversation’s notification when you receive a new message and (2) within the app, by opening a conversation.

The app developer took advantage of the ML Kit functionality by Google. Some important changes include suggestions within a conversation. This means that as you type your message, suggestions can be shown above where you can choose. It will depend on the conversation though so don’t be surprised if some conversations won’t show suggestions.

Smart Replies will depend on the context of the conversation. If you don’t want any suggestion at all, just click the ‘x’ button you see. Doing this or disabling the Smart Reply suggestions within the Advanced Features section will do the job.

Within notifications, Pulse SMS may also show Smart Replies. You can enable this under the Notification Actions menu. Set up to a max of three notification actions.

Smart Replies promises privacy and security. Don’t worry about security because there is end-to-end encryption before data are saved on the cloud. Decrypting your data may need your password so others won’t be able to do so easily. And more good news, Smart Relies are generated not on any server but on the device.

Sign up fur Pulse Beta Test HERE. Only Android version is available.

VIA: Klinkerapps


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