Screenshots on your mobile device are easy to do, but can sometimes be difficult to handle. It’s okay if you just occasionally take a screenshot here and there, but if it’s part of your job or you’re just a compulsive screenshot taker, then it becomes harder to find and organise them into folders. The Pullshot app aims to make your life a little easier by helping organise them and even syncing them with other third-party apps.

The basic premise of the app is that it organizes your screenshots into both pre-set and manually-named folders. It automatically recognises the screenshots that you make on your gadget and then displays it from your gallery or photo album. You can now tap and make multiple selections to put them in their respective folders and even delete those that are already unnecessary. You can also choose which you’d want to send directly to other apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail and Google Drive among others. You can even share them on any of your picture-sharing or social networking apps.

It’s just as simple and straightforward as that, no other frills or bells and whistles. Even the UI is simple and minimalistic enough. The annoying thing about it though is that the ads keep popping up, and it’s not just small banner ads, but big full screen ones that disrupt your organising process.

There will reportedly be a Pro upgrade soon that will get rid of that annoying pesky problem. And if the upgrade isn’t that expensive, we suggest you go for it, as the ads get pretty intrusive. For now, you can download the free version over at the Google Play Store.

VIA: The Next Web