So, international readers, how excited are you for the Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade that Samsung Korea posted yesterday? Get used to disappointment: Samsung has updated their statement, saying that the March 10th date was in error and offering no news on when the real update might come. The company said that when the update software is finalized, they’ll let customers know their plans for sending out the Android 4.0 upgrade over the air. You’ll have to find something else to do with your Saturday.

We know that progress is humming along on the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. No less than three beta ROMs of the official update have leaked out of Samsung, the last of which is pretty much feature-complete and ready for “daily driver” status. That said, bug testing can take a long time, and Samsung has until the end of the month to reach their 1st quarter release promise. Even then, there’s sadly no real way to hold them to it – along with almost all other Android manufacturers, Samsung has a rather poor track record of updating devices to current versions of Android.

US users, keep in mid that an update to the international version of the Galaxy S II does not mean an update for the various American flavors. Thanks to our carrier middle man system, it would likely be at least six weeks, possibly more until a new version of Android started popping up on the localized versions of the phone. There’s always rooting and flashing, if you’ve got disdain for either your warranty or Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

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