If you’re a user of Magisk for rooting your Android phone, then this might fool you. The creator of Magisk – John Wu – noticed that there is now suddenly a Google Play Store entry that looks like his app and is named like it as well. The main problem is that the app was never listed in the Play Store, and it has now been discovered that the listed app contains malware.

We’ll say it loud: DO NOT DOWNLOAD Magisk Manager from the Play Store. It may look like the same app, but it is most certainly not, and it contains malware. Magisk has not been listed in the Play Store because Google will never accept a rooting app like it in the Play Store. But the listed app has been downloaded and installed between 10k and 50k times before it was discovered.

The app was listed as published by Loringo, Inc., and it had a collection of what looked like non-legit copies of KKGamer Pro, Pro ZArchiver, and Dolphin Emulator. This is most likely a campaign to spread malware to Android users who like to root their devices. Wu has asked users to report the said app, and it looks like at time of writing, the publisher and the app are both gone from the Play Store.

As always, we remind you users to verify any app if anything looks off. Magisk is a way to override Google’s SafetyNet, so it probably won’t make it as a legitimate Play Store entry anytime soon. That in itself should pose questions for you already. Google won’t catch all of those malware thugs trying to break in to the Play Store, so you need to remain vigilant, friends.

VIA: SlashGear


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