I’m sure many have a brand new Android smartphone or tablet after the holiday exchanging of gifts so there isn’t really a better time to have a sale. For those that might have missed the news, or are new to Android (gasps) today is your lucky day as one of the best game developers for Android is having a massive sale. Gameloft should be a household name for any gamer and today every single amazing Gameloft offering is just $0.99 ¢ — break out those AMEX gift cards and snatch a few up.

The details were confirmed earlier in the week as Gameloft themselves tweeted a few times hinting at something special for the holidays. Then following up with the stellar news that every game would be under a dollar. Now my first reaction was to immediately run and download their highly popular and hotly anticipated Modern Combat 3 — and that is exactly what I did (and I’m sure I’m not alone). Sadly that is not part of the holiday sale but we are hearing it will be 99 cents for 24 hours at some point, we just don’t know when.

With some of the best games around and my personal favorite — Asphalt 6, Gameloft’s array of games is most definitely worth checking out. If you just got a brand new device or have been using Android since the G1 days (this guy) feel free to run down to the Android Market and enjoy some holiday savings. I’d have to recommend Asphalt 6, NOVA 2, 9mm HD, and even UNO. Now go and get some games to enjoy.

Gameloft Market Link