Tower defense games are highly addictive. That is, if you grew up playing such until you get hungry of playing the whole day only, stopping when it’s only time to go to the bathroom or finally sleep and call it a day. Prove that you’re a champion tower defender with this ‘Hex Defender’. All you need to do is complete a mission as tasked but making this more challenging is the fact that the turrets are positioned differently and are rotatable. You’ll notice the hexagon-shaped field plus each color means different things.

The enemies will come after you from left and right, trying to get into the middle of the hexagon to reach the crystal placed in the middle of the rotating figure. Your own judgment, choice, and abolishing the turrets will help you with your mission.

But what’s that kind of crystal that you need to protect? It’s a special mineral that posesseses a reliable source of energy–probably the only hope of the world since there are no more fuel fossils around.

This mineral was found from the deep bowels of the earth and everyone wants it. But sorry, it’s your job to protect it as a natural energy source. Called as ‘The Crystal of Life’, the element is an unlimited source of power that brings several life-giving properties. Now you know why the crystal is one hot property.

Download Hex Defender from the Google Play Store


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