As we slowly work our way towards Google I/O 2014, we will undoubtedly come across rumors and wishes about Google‘s products, both current and upcoming. One such rumor is Project Hera which will try to revolutionize the way we experience the Web but will apparently not change how apps look in an equally huge way.

The name Project Hera came from the folks at Android Police who called it the marriage of Android and the Web. In a nutshell, this will supposedly integrate everything Web-related right inside Android apps, Chrome, and Search. Imagine not having to jump to a separate app just to accomplish an action usually performed on the Web, like search or account login. Everything can be done right within the app itself, via some HTML5 functionality. Furthermore, these discrete pieces of actions, though performed inside apps, will appear as separate entries in a revampled multi-tasking view.

An overarching and deeply integrated new functionality seems to call for a new user interface for affected apps, particularly Gmail. And that is what the Android Police was aiming for with its mockups. However, it seems that those mockups are far from reality. A Redditor has just posted what he or she claims to be an actual screenshot of an upcoming Gmail app release. Though it is noted that the version is a bit outdated, the source says it is quite indicative of how Project Hera will not be a drastic change in terms of user interface. In particular, aside from the color of the app header, the rest of the app looks similar to the current Gmail, also refuting an earlier leak that showed less square sender badges.


Some comments indirectly agree with this latest reveal, saying that it would be foolish for Google to suddenly make a major visual overhaul after having finally gotten everyone on the same design train. The Redditor, however, does claim that Project Hera is real, so we might have at least something to look forward to in the next Android major update, even if it isn’t in a very visible or visual way.

SOURCE: Reddit