Google recently unveiled the much hyped Google Glasses and are calling it Project Glass. We’ve seen official videos from Google, and a few snapshots of Sergey Brin wearing them (link below) but today you can see them live on video with Google’s Project X founder Sebastian Thrun. Apparently he even takes a photo and uploads it directly to Google+ all with Project Glass. I still want one!

As reported by The Verge, Sebastian Thrun while getting interviewed by Charlie Rose shows them off on camera for the world while talking and enjoying himself during the interview. He even takes a photo with the glasses and uploads it to Google+. If the digging is accurate here is a photo snapped with Project Glass.

Obviously this is still an early prototype, but it certainly looks like this photo was taken by Project Glass. Thrun goes on to talk about how Augmented Reality in its current form isn’t ideal, and that Google is working to expand that. Thrun talks about composing emails, getting them read back to him and more but those features were already expected. For the full interview video click here. Pretty interesting stuff and I can’t wait to see more from Google about Project Glass. I’m waiting and willing to buy. Are you?