Google’s Project Glass is still a long, long ways from reaching my hands and face sadly. Today however we are now one step closer to getting to try out, enjoy, and possibly learn more about Google Glass. You should all know plenty about Google’s futuristic Augmented Reality eye-wear already, but hopefully we’ll be learning more soon. Sergey Brin himself sent out info on Glass, and we have the details.

Google made a huge splash about Project Glass back at Google IO last month. Skydiving right into the press event and walking up on stage wearing a pair, and luckily we were able to pre-order a set. Sergey talked about Google Glass for those who pre-ordered, and even shared details about using this new AR tech while taking a vacation to Montana. Brin mentions Glass taking pictures every 10 seconds while he’s driving (automatically) and how it captured the amazing photo shown above. One which would never be possible to take with regular means — safely at least. Here’s what he had to say:

Today Google has just started reaching out, letting “Glass Explorers” know that they’ll be a unique member of an elite crew that will “shape the future of glass.” The Project Glass Explorer edition that we pre-ordered will hopefully be here sooner than later, but I’m pretty sure we’ll still be waiting until next year. Google let us know that we should indeed be following +Project Glass on Google+ if we weren’t already, and that they’ll be sharing tons of special news and details in the coming weeks and months.

Google also hints to the fact that they’ll be conducting Google+ Hangout sessions all via Google Glass, so we have a feeling things are about to get a lot more interesting with this project. We will be along for the entire ride here at Android Community so don’t worry, we’ll share the juicy details. For more coverage on this impressive new technology hit our Project Glass Portal.