More savings on your bill data is possible with Wi-Fi Assistant. It’s a new feature that used to be a Nexus exclusive on Project Fi. If you’re on Google’s very own mobile network, you’ll know what this feature is all about. Google’s Nexus team has proudly announced that it’s expanding Wi-Fi Assistant to Nexus users in other areas aside from the United States. Those in the Nordic countries, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada will be happy to know it’s already available for them.

Wi-Fi Assistant is one helpful feature because it helps keep data bill low and connection speed high. The idea is that it will help you look for open and free Wi-Fi networks. This means you don’t have to use your mobile Internet plan all the time because there are open WiFi networks you can connect to. We’re not talking about just hundreds and thousands of free hotspots here. There are over a million of networks to access as Google keeps on adding support for more.

With Wi-Fi Assistant, you can connect automatically to open Wi-Fi networks. You can stay connected to the Internet even when cellular coverage is weak because it will look for open networks. Google has been verifying Wi-Fi networks so more Nexus users will be able to connect. Service is free and secure so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary overcharges.

SOURCE: Nexus, Google



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