If you’re on Project Fi, the mobile virtual network operator run by Google, you’re most likely pretty happy with what they’ve been giving you as they switch between three 4G LTE networks and you get free access to more than 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots that are also secured through their own VPN or virtual private network. Now they want to make you even happier as they are now beta testing their enhanced network. It aims to bring you not just privacy and security but also a faster and more seamless connection.

Not all the WiFi’s that you connect to in public networks, especially the free ones, are safe and secure. In fact, they are a huge source of malware and phishing attacks. The enhanced network of Project Fi will now encrypt and secure all of your mobile and WiFi traffic through their VPN. In fact, they even include Google sites and apps that you access because their VPN has been designed to not be tied to your Google account or your phone number.

This enhanced network will also bring you seamless and faster connections as it will now automatically detect if your WiFi connection becomes spotty and it will use cellular data to fill in that gap until you connect to a stronger WiFi again. You won’t have to wait to reconnect anymore so that wherever you go, you will have stronger Internet.

For example, if you walk out of your office and you are disconnected to your WiFi, you will still be connected because of your Project Fi cellular data. So if you’re downloading something or you’re doing a VoIP or video call, it will still continue even if your WiFi becomes spotty.

The enhanced network beta will start rolling out to smartphones that are compatible to Project Fi of course and running on Android P. If it finally rolls out to you, you can enable it in the Fi Network Tools in your Project Fi app.

SOURCE: Google