People who travel internationally will tell you that one of the most difficult things is to have data coverage from your local carrier. Either you will have to spend so much on roaming or you will just opt to have a local SIM (which can be challenging in itself). But US carriers seem to be making it a bit easier on consumers (and on the wallet) lately. If you’re on Project Fi, their roaming coverage may have been lacking previously but now they have expanded to cover 170 countries and territories.

How it works with Project Fi is that if your country is part of their list, which runs from Afghanistan to Zambia, you will be able to use your data there the same way that you use it when in the US. If you need a bit of extra data, you can still avail the $10 per GB offer that you have locally. Or if you have built-in Bill Protection (which lets you save up your data when you’re not using it and not go overboard when you are using it), then you’ll get the extra data for free.

Before you leave for your international destination, you can find out whether that country or territory is covered under Project Fi. You’ll receive a notification in your app based on the flight details it will get from your Gmail. It will let you know a few days before your flight and it also includes coverage options and costs. This feature is enabled by default but if you don’t want to receive notifications, you can also turn it off.

When you reach your covered destination, you don’t need to register or anything. Just start using it like you would in your own country. If you’re thinking about joining Project Fi, you’ll get an $80 Fi service credit when you buy any of the Fi-friendly smartphones.

SOURCE: Google