We have talked about Project Ara several times and one of the coolest things we have learned so far is that the battery of the device will be hot swappable. That means you can swap a nearly dead battery for a full one without turning the device off or losing what you are working on. Another interesting detail about Project Ara has surfaced recently.

That detail is the fact that nearly all of the modules used in a Project Ara device will be hot swappable. Paul Eremenko, the director of Project Ara, has recently noted that users of Project Ara will be able to swap the phone modules around without losing what they are working with only two exceptions.

The monitor and CPU won’t be hot swappable in the middle of a call or text message. The idea with the hot swappable modules is that you could change modules out like the camera to better suit what you are doing right then.

You could for instance swap a wide-angle camera when you want to take a picture of a group of people or use a camera with more resolution for landscape shots. Another tidbit revealed is that Google will have an online store that sells different modules or Project Ara. We already know a few other tidbits about the device, including the fact that it will use Android L.

SOURCE: Engadget