Android has many different versions. Google serves up desserts for names but there are many other Android-based OS you can use. Not many people will understand them but for those who do, there are several alternatives like those UIs by OEMs, OxygenOS for OnePlus phones, and this PrimeOS. What’s interesting is that this operating system may also work on PCs and laptops, even the older models. Android on your old computer may be possible soon, thanks to XDA member TeamPrimeOS.

The PrimeOS will remind you a lot of the Android-x86 project. It’s an advantage if you’re well-versed with it. You won’t have a hard time getting around this Android platform for laptops or computers.

PrimeOS has been updated with more features focused on improving the desktop experience and Android gaming. Expect features like a start menu or taskbar, multi-window support, general keyboard shortcuts, close to AOSP experience, and a taskbar with many abilities. When it comes to Android gaming, you will be introduced to the Decapro key mapping tool, pre-mapped games, and GPU tools among others.

The PrimeOS installer is still under development but we know it will be ready soon. Feel free to download the ISO from HERE. It’s not perfect yet so there may be bugs like Bluetooth not working on some devices.

VIA: XDA Developers