A few days back we talked about the 8.2-inch version of the coming Motorola Xoom 2 or Xyboard tablet that had surfaced in pics. That little tablet looks really cool. Today another leak has surfaced that shows the pricing on that tablet and the larger 10-inch version on contract. The pricing is supposedly what you will pay on contract for Verizon.

There are two versions of the 8-inch Motorola Tablet listed with a 16GB version for $429.99 and the 32GB version for $529.99. If the larger screen version is more to your liking there are three versions of it to choose from with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage capacities.

The 16GB version is $529.99, the 32GB is $629.99, and the 64GB version is $729.99. considering those prices are on contract the tablet seems very expensive. Will you pay that much for the tablets when they land?

[via SlashGear]