If you are the sort that likes to shop from your phone or uses the phone to compare prices in retail stores to what you can buy for online, PriceGrabber has updated its Android app. The new app update makes the PriceGrabber shopping engine easier to use. The update brings easier browsing and larger product images among other things.

The app also allows the user to read detailed product descriptions and evaluate product offers for new and refurbished items. The coolest new feature is likely to be the integrated sharing. With the new feature, you can send a product to a friend or family member that is shopping for a product. The items can be shared in several ways. The user can email the products, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter the items they want to share.

The app also has new discount badges that show when an item is heavily discounted from the MSRP. Another nice feature is that the app allows the user to check inventory levels at local stores that sell something they want. The app will even offer navigation to get the user to the closest store that has the product in stock.

[via CNET]