BREAKING NEWS! We just received an email invitation to witness the birth of Verizon’s next generation of DROID. Expect the house to be packed with important folks from Google, Motorola, Adobe and of course execs from Verizon. We’ll be there liveblogging the event starting at 1PM ET on June 23, 2010 (that’s right – the day before iPhone 4 goes on sale!). Make sure to log on to for our live coverage of the press event.

It’s no BIG secret what we’re expecting to see at the launch event – it’s got to be the DROID XTREME (duh!). There have been lots and lots of sightings around town and it appears to feature a large 4.3” capacitive touchscreen, a 1GHz Snapdragon, HDMI out, a new version of MOTOBLUR and I suspect @androids 2.2 since Adobe is present at the event and Flash 10.1 only works on the latest version of Android. Long gone are the capacitive buttons replaced by good-old physical Home, Search, Back and Menu buttons.