It’s almost a year since this RSS reader landed in our radars and now Press is ready to take its next big step forward. While version 1.5 of the app isn’t exactly a huge leap, it does bring in new features that significantly improves your news reading experience.

Press originally launched as a Google Reader frontend but, with the latter’s demise, it has evolved with support for other Google Reader stand-ins such as Feedly. Press prides itself for being simple, clean, and not littered by ads. The never version of Press refreshes the app’s appearance a bit and brings in a couple of conveniences.

At the top of the list is support gestures to quickly perform the most common actions. A quick sideways swipe from left to right marks an article as read. Going the opposite direction makes it a starred article. Pulling down the list reveals quick actions. Also new in this update is a dark theme for those who prefer a more subdued reading experience. Those who like the light theme better aren’t left out since the that theme has also been freshened up a bit. There is also a new immersive mode available, but only for those running Android 4.4.

Press version 1.5 is now available on Google Play Store and should be rolling out to existing users. Those who still don’t have it might have to cash out $2.99 to buy the app first.

Download: Press on Google Play Store
VIA: AndroidBeat