Every day, the Amazon AppStore for Android is offering a free premium app to encourage a return to the AppStore more often. And today it’s Angry Birds Seasons Ad-Free edition by Rovio Mobile. The app is free for all Amazon account holders in the US and customizes Rovio’s insanely successful game with holiday themes. Currently, themes include Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day. This premium version comes without any ads and is available free for one day only.

Amazon received serious clout for it’s Android App store by landing exclusive distribution of Rovio’s Angry Birds for Android apps. Currently, all Angry Birds apps are available including the classic edition and the Angry Birds Rio edition. Classic Angry Birds sells for .99, with a free version that provides in-game ads. Angry Birds Rio is currently free, and is a commercial tie in for the Fox Animated feature RIO, which tells the story of a rare bird that gets kidnapped and brought to South America to mate with another at a local zoo.

Every day, users can swing by the AppStore to find a new premium app. Most recent apps have included Newsweek Mobile, Diner Dash 2 and World Series of Poker: Hold `em Legend. Best sellers to date include Angry Birds, Newsweek, Star Trek Communicator and SeekDroid. To see what app is available every day, head on over to the Android AppStore by clicking here.

[via Android Police]