Enjoy smartphone photography, but hate lugging around a bunch of gear? Ditch your heavy tripods and selfie sticks and get yourself the ingenious, Kickstarter-backed, and Steve Wozniak approved Pocket Tripod PRO, available to pre-order at Android Community Deals for just $19.99. Fans of the Pocket Tripod PRO include Gizmodo and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and no wonder: this thing is pretty clever. The Pocket Tripod PRO is a credit card sized piece of high grade plastic that conveniently fits inside almost any wallet, and effortlessly unfolds to turn into a super strong tripod that can keep nearly any smartphone in any position and on any surface.

The amount of thought and creativity that went into developing the Pocket Tripod PRO is almost unbelievable. Over the course of two years, they tested their design and made improvement after improvement so that it would work with pretty much every smartphone on the market, even those that have a protective case. All you do is adjust the Pocket Tripod PRO to suit your phone’s particular configuration, and you’re all set.

The Pocket Tripod PRO features rubberized connection points that won’t scratch or otherwise damage your phone and the legs are made from carbon fiber for optimal stabilization. It securely holds your phone in either portrait or landscape positions, which is great for taking photos, and you can tilt it either forward or back to get a fantastic angle for video chats.

Pre-order your Pocket Tripod PRO at Android Community Deals for just $19.99, a savings of 20% off the regular price, but only for a limited time.