If last year was like building the foundation for a consumer-based mainstream virtual reality (VR) industry, then we can probably expect this year to be bringing more VR products to the market and ultimately to consumers. On top of our list as probably the most awesome VR product to date is the HTC Vive. The good news is, this product just got a pre-order date, so you can start saving up your pennies for this one.

HTC has announced today that people will be able to start pre-ordering the HTC Vive starting on February 29, 2016. Ship date is somewhere around April, and if you know your VR tech news, you will realize that the HTC Vive is now scheduled to launch two months earlier than the Oculus Rift – its closest competition. Way to go, jumping ahead of the pack, HTC.


Of course, another important announcement that is yet to be made about the HTC Vive is how much it will hurt our pockets and bank accounts. You can be sure, though, that whatever pricing is ultimately announced for the Vive, the Oculus Rift will stick close to – being that they may be the strongest competitors in this market.

HTC Vive Dev Controller 9-970-80

If you want to remember just what the HTC Vive can do and if it’s worth your money (and probably a lot of it, too), check out the hands on article from our friends at SlashGear here. The HTC Vive will need a computer with strong specs to run it, so better get on that element for now, while you’re saving up for the Vive.

VIA: SlashGear