Plenty of Americans have been patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and assuming they’re OK with AT&T service, they won’t have to wait much longer. The carrier has set February 19th as zero day for the oversized smartphone – but don’t start camping out at your nearest AT&T store just yet. Pre-order the phone through Best Buy, and they’ll give you a free flip cover for your trouble. Considering how large the phone is anyway, you could consider that a blessing or a curse, but if you want to get into the old-school PDA spirit, you’ve got to have  a faux leather book-style cover.

Best Buy didn’t elaborate on exactly what brand would be offering the cover, or even publish a photo with their press release. They might not have even ordered the accessory yet. Even so, they’re claiming it as a $29.99 value, and  new Note owners get it free when activating the phone while supplies last. You can begin pre-ordering the Galaxy Note this Sunday, February 5th through Best Buy’s website or any retail store, and the on-contract price is the same $299.99 you’ll get directly from AT&T. If you plan on getting it off contract, you should probably look elsewhere: Best Buy has a nasty habit of raising the full retail price by a hundred dollars or more.

When it launches, the Samsung Galaxy note will be both the largest and highest-resolution smartphone in the country, and Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology is the icing on the cake. It’ll also be the first Android smartphone sold with a stylus or “S-pen”, the better to take advantage of the Wacom digitizer built into the screen. High-end specs like a 1.4Ghz processor, 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera round out the package. Author’s note: the above image may or may not look anything like the case that Best Buy is giving away – as stated above, they’ve shown no pictures and given no brand names. That’s a photo of Samsung’s official cover, courtesy of

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