Some people dream of being heroes. Some dream of changing the world for good. Some however, secretly wish they could take over the world. If you belong to the third group, then you better start practicing your world domination skills with Evil Genius Online. The popular Facebook game is now available for Android devices and this will give you all the help you need to become the evil genius you’re truly meant to be.

Most of the other games teach you how to become evil-fighting heroes, hell bent on rescuing innocents from the clutches of evil geniuses. But this new Android game is not that game. Here you will learn how to build your underground lair and then start training your minions to do your evil work for you. Your lair can be customized to your satisfaction. You can also choose what kind of minions do you want for your army; whether they’re scientists, martial artists, psychiatrists, etc. If they’re slacking off, you get to punish them accordingly. After you’ve trained them enough, you get to send them on diabolical missions to “steal, hack & cause mischief and global unrest”.

You can also join forces with other evil geniuses, and even your friends who are already playing the game on their devices or even on Facebook. But of course, since this is a game about Evil Genius, the moment their back is turned, you can sic your spies on them so they can still from their lairs. You get to play and fulfill more than a hundred missions, and if you finish it in 30 days, you get bigger rewards.

You can download Evil Genius Online for free from the Google Play Store. You can also play it across Android devices and even your web browser through your Facebook account.