The days of wall chargers for devices are dwindling down, as more and more consumers have multiple gadgets and are constantly mobile (not to mention the battery drain since we use these gadgets a lot). PowerSquare is the latest entry into the wireless charging market and it lets you power multiple devices and place it anywhere in the pad, freeing you from the few seconds it will take you to dock a gadget properly.

Using the Adaptive Position-Free (APF) system, a technology that is patent-pending, PowerSquare lets you charge as many devices as you can, as long as they touch the pad’s surface. It uses transmitter coils that is easy for consumers in terms of usability while at the same time it’s not too heavy on the wallet. But of course the major requirement is that the gadgets, whether they’re old or new, have to be Qi-wireless charging compatible. So that means if you have Nokia Lumia devices, most Samsung Galaxy phones, Motorola Droids, Nexus (4,5,7) and several LG smartphones among others, then this wireless charger will work for you.

PowerSquare is part of the Wireless Power Consortium that developed the the Qi interface standard and includes OEMs like Asus, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and Sony. This means that when they finally roll out the product, they will have official certification for Qi-wireless charging compatibility. While wireless charging is still in its early stages, early adaptors will probably appreciate and spend for a device like this.

Now as to how much this will cost and where you’ll be able to buy PowerSquare, that is still unclear at this moment. While their website says it will be available in the market by the end of 2014, there is still no specific date and price range for it. If you want to be one of the first to order it, you can register your email address on their official website and they’ll send an email when they’re already accepting reservations and orders.

SOURCE: PowerSquare

VIA: SlashGear