There are a few things in life that you can never have enough of. One is money to buy all the cool gadgets you want and another thing you can never have enough of is power for your smartphone. If you have a Samsung Nexus S 4G Android smartphone and you want to get more runtime for the device PowerSkin has a new case for you to check out.

The case is in the PowerSkin series that we are familiar with that have been around for various Android smartphones for a while now. The Nexus S 4G case is a slim fitting soft silicone case that has a battery inside and plugs into the charge port of your smartphone to deliver its power. The case will fit the Nexus S 4G no matter what carrier you are on and has a 1500mAh battery inside.

That battery will add 340 more minutes of talk time. The case has a charger port on it and when you plug the phone into the outlet to charge up the battery inside the smartphone is charged first and then the battery inside the case gets its charge. When you are using the phone the battery inside the case is drained first and then the battery in the phone. This might be the perfect thing for those that use their smartphone as a hotspot frequently. The case is available right now for $59.99.