If you want your wireless charger to blend in with the rest of your decoration or furniture because you don’t want it to look too conspicuous, Twelve South has got you covered. Their new PowerPic is a Qi wireless charger that can look like any other picture frame in your living room when you’re not using it for charging but as soon as you place your phone in it, it will do what it originally sets out to do which is to wirelessly charge your compatible device.

Most wireless chargers are either an upright stand where you place your phone vertically or a flat charging pad where you just place your phone on top, screen facing upward. But Twelve South says, why be limited to those two kinds of models? They’ve now come up with a wireless charger that is both decorative (well, if you like minimal decor that is) and functional.

The PowerPic is an “invisible” charger in that when not in use, it just looks like a simple black or white frame. You can put in your favorite photo with any standard 5×7 print. But it has a large frame girth of course that when you place your smartphone in it, it will start charging. It has an output of up to 10 watts of power. It supports all Qi-enabled smartphones and can even charge through phone cases with thickness up to 3mm.

The frame is made from New Zealand pine while the back is where all the wireless charging technology happens. There is a status light on the back that will tell you if something’s interfering with the charging or when your device is already fully charged. The charger itself can be connected to a wall outlet using a USB cable.

The PowerPic is available in either black or white and you can buy it through the Twelve South website. It will cost you only $79.99, which is pretty affordable for a wireless charger.

VIA: SlashGear