If you’ve never heard of the popular backpacks of all shapes and sizes from Powerbag prepare to get excited. Powerbag offers a wide array of backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder sling bags and more all with an integrated battery to charge our Android smartphones and tablets. What’s even better is you don’t have to remove it to recharge your bag. I have my own and love it for trips to CES, but today Woot.com has these impressive accessories nearly $100 off for just $39.99.

Today the popular deal site Woot.com has both the Messenger, and the Sling bags up for an extremely low price. If you’ve ever wanted a backpack that could also charge your tablet while you’re sitting at the subway, here’s your chance. They usually retail for well over $100, have amazing build quality, are durable, and offers multiple cords to even charge that iOS device for you traitors.

Both of these bags come complete with tons of pockets, cords for multiple devices, as well as an integrated 3,000 mAh battery. They are high output so will charge your tablet with ease, and will give most smartphones two full charges. For those who are out and about and never near an outlet, this is a good first step. You’ll have micro-USB, mini-USB, regular USB out, and the Apple 30-pin connector. The guys from Android Police found this neat video.

You can charge multiple devices at the same time which is nice, and there’s enough pockets for even crazy gadget lovers like myself. You have room for a 15-inch laptop, Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and your smartphone with room to spare. The best part is you don’t have to remove anything. Simply plug the bottom of your bag into the included wall outlet with the dedicated port overnight, and you’re all set for that morning commute and daily routine.

These bags are extremely well made, and should get you and your devices through a hard days work with ease. As usual with Woot the deal will only last a day, so you’d better hurry and snag one up while they’re still hot.

[via Woot]