The Poweramp music player’s newest version was released only last December but it’s getting a minor update. The Build 817 adds some important changes like Android Auto support. At the moment, the app requires Unknown sources in the Auto app developer settings. Google will need to give approval before it supports Android Auto. Other improvements are added like with Google Assistant support and other MediaSession/MediaBrowser Android APIs. You may also notice new Misc/Android Auto options plus changes on the List Options/List and List Options/By shuffle order for tracks.

Google Assistant has been enhanced and now includes language support. Those apps that use MediaSession/MediaBrowser Android APIs like Wear apps have added support.

The playlist widget with shuffle option is now available. You may also notice clickable links in Info/Tags and Audio Info plus new Hi-Res Output/Sample Rate/Defined by the device option for BT/USB DAC outputs.

For Samsung devices with Android Pie, please note that some formats are not supported. BT/USB DAC – DVC + Hi-Res is supported but no DVC with sample rates above 48kHz.

Some MP3 tags have received enhanced support but may require full rescan. The usual stability improvements and bug fixes can also be expected as with most app updates.

SOURCE: Poweramp


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