Many will likely remember the MOGA name due to the recent giveaway where PowerA offered the controller (along with Modern Combat 4) for free. Well, for free with small fee for shipping. That model MOGA aside though, the company has come to CES and officially announced the next-generation MOGA controller, the PowerA MOGA Pro.

The MOGA Pro is said to be a console-style controller and it will feature goodies to include full-sized console-style trigger grips, precision dual analog sticks, 4 action buttons, a classic directional pad, two shoulder buttons and two shoulder triggers. Additionally, the MOGA Pro will include a tablet stand, USB charging cord and rechargeable batteries.

Otherwise, this edition of the MOGA controller will arrive with full support for the MOGA Mobile Gaming System which means support for the MOGA Pivot App and Bluetooth syncing with Android smartphones and tablets. Aside from the tablet stand, the MOGA Pro controller will work with smartphones that are up to 3.2-inches in width.

So far we have yet to see an announcement in terms of pricing for the MOGA Pro, however PowerA has said that the controller is expected to be available during the spring of 2013. Finally, while some may opt to wait for the MOGA Pro at this point, we should point out that the previously existing MOGA controller remains available and priced at $49.99.