When they say wearable technology is the next big thing (or is already the big thing), this time they mean it literally, the wearable part we mean. A new Kickstarter project is called the ION Belt, and from the name itself, you’ve probably figured out what it is. Yes, our nomophobia (fear of being without a mobile phone) is in full swing that we’d rather that the clothes and accessories we wear be able to juice up our devices; in this case, it’s a belt.

If you’re not used to wearing belts anymore or think it’s out of fashion, then you will probably start getting used to wearing one again when you hear that wearing this one will actually get you out of a tight spot battery-wise. It has 3,000 mAh of “hidden power” that can power up an entire charge for your smartphone. It has a universal USB charging port so you can charge anything to your belt as long as you have a charging cable.

In case you’re worried that you might get electrocuted or at least slightly shocked whenever you’re charging, the makers assure us that it is using their own Encapsulpak technology that encases the battery. The belt itself is also protected from wear and tear because of it’s durable design. But it’s also not that bad-looking that you’d be ashamed to wear it because it cramps your style.


Their Kickstarter campaign is halfway fulfilled as they’ve raised $26,000 of the $50,000 needed, with 40 days still to go. You only need to pledge $79 to get the early bird rate for 1 ION Belt. When it will be sold in retail stores, the estimated price is $130+, so that’s a pretty sweet deal there.

SOURCE: Kickstarter