In an era where mostly everyone is mobile and digital, (insert your preferred number)-in-1 gadgets are always welcome and sometimes necessary. Didn’t you ever wish for a battery charger as small as a pen or a stylus that also doubles as an actual pen or a stylus that can charge your device? Fortunately, there are some smart developers out there who have come up with a nifty gadget that meets all three requirements with the brand new Power Pen.

First off, the pen-like gadget is a brushed-aluminum stylus that can be used to draw on your tablet or to write notes on your smartphone. But when you swivel it, it will turn into an actual ballpoint pen. Yes, there are people who still use real pens to write on real paper. So if you prefer both the digital and actual style of writing, then the Power Pen may seem like a dream come true.

But when you look at the other end, it gets even better. Just twist off the cap and you’ll see that it is actually a charger that has tips compatible with both lightning (for new Apple devices) and microUSB (the rest of the world) tips for charging. However, don’t expect it to be able to fully charge your device. It only has 700mAh capacity so it will just be able to give your phone a battery jumpstart. But that should be enough in emergency situations when your phone is about to die but you need to send an all-important email or message or Tweet.

The Power Pen is available in classic black and gold colors and is now available for pre-order from Firebox. It will cost you $39.19 which might be pretty steep for a stylus or a portable charger (and especially a pen) if taken separately. But put them all together, it might be a little more reasonable. Shipment is expected to start by December 29.

SOURCE: Firebox


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