Power by Proxi had something interesting on display at CES this year. The company, who support the Qi charging standard, have a device which creates a charging field. It’s the first we’ve seen from the company, and the first actual charging field device we’ve seen in the wild. Though it has some limitations, we’re excited for what it might bring to your table.

In addition to the charging box, Power by Proxi is also announcing a deal with Texas Instruments to bring the charging standard to their chipsets. We know what you’re thinking; TI got out of mobile after the Galaxy Nexus. That’s true, but they’re still heavily involved with ‘internet of things’ devices, and those are the ones who can best take advantage of a charger like this.

We all know about contact charging, where your device is required to have contact with a pad. With spacial charging, you simply put your device anywhere in the field created, and it charges. It doesn’t need to have contact, either, meaning you can pile your stuff in there and let it power up. That’s pretty great, too, because let’s be honest; plugging a watch or wristband is is still weird.

Though limited to TI right now, Power by Proxi tells us they’re working on a host of other arrangements with other OEMs. They also acknowledged that the conflicting wireless charging initiatives make it difficult to gain footing right now. For wearables and other rechargeable with the technology, this is a neat catch-all for charging.