When Post-it first announced it was going to have a mobile app to let you capture stuff that you wrote on your, well, Post-its, we were pretty excited. The joy was somewhat tempered when they said it was only available for iOS. But we probably expected the Android version to follow a few months after that. Lo and behold, it took them five years to finally come up with an Android app, but as the saying goes, better late than never.

The basic purpose of the Post-it app is of course to digitally capture the physical Post-it notes, specifically the square ones, that you used in a meeting or brainstorming session or just to create your own “conspiracy board”. You can also collect and combine the notes from across your multiple captures if you want to keep the board growing. You can actually capture as many as 200 Post-Its in just one go, in case that conspiracy chart has taken on a life of its own.

Once you’ve captured them, you can arrange it into boards or organize them by thoughts and then keep adding or removing notes as you see fit. You can also create some digital notes on digital Post-its to add to your boards in case you forgot to write something on the physical sticky notes. You can create as many boards as you want of course and label them accordingly. Aside from collecting ideas from meetings, you can also use it to make to-do notes, post random quotes or sudden ideas, organize your thoughts, etc.

And when you feel like sharing a board or several boards, you can export it into various formats including a Post-it proprietary board, PDF, Image, PowerPoint, Excel, and zipped image folder. You can share it to your app of choice which includes email, messaging apps, etc. However, the Post-it app itself doesn’t have text recognition so you won’t be able to search for particular items.

You can download the Post-it app from the Google Play Store for free. Your Android device will need to run on Android 7 Nougat and above.