Any self-respecting tech aficionado would know that it is probably during FCC testing where most new gadget info busts out into public knowledge – good luck trying to keep your gadget a secret when it hits FCC’s testing tables. This just happened to global gadget giant Samsung again, where all FCC evidences point to a smaller Samsung smartwatch to be probably marketed as part of Android Wear soon.

The leaked documents show what is most probably a watch with a product code name of SM-382. This is very close to the naming scheme Samsung used for its Gear 2 watches (named SM-38x), but the new product has one marked difference from its predecessor – it is 10mm shorter, having dimensions of 36.9 mm x 58.4 mm.

Now, Samsung has apparently stopped the registration of the name “Galaxy Wear” in Korea (jump here, and see the updates), prompting assumptions that the wearable device might not be named “Samsung Galaxy Wear” as was earlier rumored. There is also a possibility that the watch might be part of the Gear 2 family, if we were to judge by the FCC-revealed naming scheme for the test product. Ultimately, we can only speculate from the leaked FCC documents.

But at least one thing is sure, Samsung is not bailing out on Google’s Android Wear OS marketing – they are still listed as one of the top manufacturers who will produce devices for Google’s Android OS. It is interesting to note that Samsung is staying with Android OS, given the fact that they have shown much more commitment to developing their own Tizen operating system recently.

VIA: 9to5google