If you find yourself in desperate need of power that is more than a portable power bank can give you, and you’re in the middle of nowhere or stuck in a power blackout, what will you rely on? Well of course a generator, but those are pretty expensive and not easy to lug around at all. But now you have portable generators available and at reasonable prices. One of those is the new version of the Anker PowerHouse 400W which you can purchase at $100 off through Amazon.

The compact generator is something that anyone can carry around during camping, hiking, or whatever outdoor activity you’re doing and has integrated DC/AC power inverter and 12V car AC and USB outputs so you can plug in any gadget that can be connected there. Its size is 7.9-inches x 6.5-inches x 5.7-inches and it weighs 9.3 pounds so it is pretty compact. What makes it even slimmer is that it is powered by lithium-ion batteries that can later on be charged through power outlets or through solar panels.

Your laptop can be recharged 15 times on this generator while your phone probably over 40 times. It can even power a mini-fridge for more than 7 hours and a 15V light for more than 100 hours. Of course all of those mentioned cannot happen all at the same time. It also has a Battery Management System that will help you control the temperature, voltage and other safety concerns that may arise. It already has a portable power supply, a 10-foot AC adapter, 2-foot microUSB charge cable, and 18-month warranty.

The Anker PowerHouse 400W can be bought from Amazon for $499.99. But you also get $100 off if you use the code ANKPower when you check out. It will begin shipping by May 22 and they also offer free delivery.

VIA: SlashGear